Diamond Jewellery: A Mark Forever

Diamond Jewellery: A Mark Forever

Let’s be honest ladies, won’t you love to add that glittering piece of diamond jewellery to your collection? Of course, you’ll love to and so will any other women.

Diamonds are beautiful and rare. Even though they can be used in multiple different ways, people till date associate diamonds with an engagement ring. Sure, you can argue that they are quite expensive, but they are worth the investment to be made. 

Qualities like longevity, durability and clarity are what makes diamonds so valuable. People often choose to symbolize their love with a diamond ring, which is an expression of everlasting love and an ability to withstand the challenging times along with the good. 

But why always settle for a diamond ring, when you have the option to select from different other customised diamond jewellery? Confused? Well, to help you out here are our 5 most favourite diamond jewellery pieces to add to your collection. 

Diamond Studs 

Diamond studs are probably the most elegant pieces that a woman can own. They are truly the epitome of understated elegance. With the right pair of diamonds studs, you can just add the right amount of sparkle. They are timeless and can be paired with anything and everything. You can as well get your own pair of diamond studs custom made at Vicenta Jewels.

Diamond Bracelet 

A bracelet embossed with a symmetrical line of diamonds is definitely the most aesthetic piece that a woman can own. They are ideal to add an elegant yet subtle look to your style. These bracelets are compatible for a formal as well as a casual look and work beautifully in both gold and silver options. A must have for all the ladies out there!

Diamond Hoops 

Diamond hoop earrings have the ability to give your outfit a pretty yet edgy look. At Vicenta Jewels Mumbai, you can customise your own diamond hoops in different styles, sizes and metals. Smaller hoops can be easily paired with any attire. You can as well add more dainty diamond jewellery pieces to amp up your look. If opting for larger hoops, always make sure you settle for the ones that suit your neck length and your face shape.

Diamond Pendants 

Delicate and modish, a sure way to describe diamond pendants. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes featuring the best of diamonds. You can either pair it with a silver or a gold chain depending on your choice of style. Diamond pendants are perfect to worn for formal occasions such as for a wedding look or just enough for finishing your everyday look.

Diamond Watch 

Donning a watch embossed in diamonds speaks for your status and standard in the society. It is the ultimate way to add the class, style, luxury to outfit or occasion. You can get your own pair of a luxury diamond watch in a variety of colours, metals and styles, meaning there is one for everyone. It’s an investment that you won’t ever regret!