7 diamond jewellery trends you need to know for 2018

7 diamond jewellery trends you need to know for 2018

“…and going down on his knees, he pulled out a diamond ring from his pocket and uttered those three magical words, “Marry me, please,” and they lived happily ever after…”

Be it a Cinderella fairytale or a waking life experience, diamonds have, are and always will be symbolic of eternal love. A gem that casts its magical spell on everybody who casts his eyes on it, every woman dreams of decorating her closet with the sparkle and the magnificence of a diamond. 

Indian diamond jewellery designs have undergone a total revolution. However, it is not only about owning this precious gem. What is even more significant is to pair it with the right outfit, to choose from colours that suit your skin tone, shapes that accentuate your spirits and uplift your confidence, and also bring out the diva in you. 

All said, we present to you 7 diamond jewellery trends that need to be kept in mind for 2017: 

Elegant diamond earrings 

Something that promises elegance and is packed with beauty, diamond earringscontinue to be an all time favourite. Of course, it is the eyes that make an impression. But try decorating your ears with the sparkle and shine of a diamond, and see the eyes dissolve into a silent salute to your ears.

Chic diamond studded rings

Wear the charm of a diamond around your finger in rose gold, silver, yellow gold or platinum ring. Design your own engagement ringand say those special words with a touch of personalization. For example, how about a sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds?

Exquisite diamond necklace

Irrespective of the traditional, modern, gothic, chic, bossy, or understated look that you choose to wear, a diamond necklace will add finesse and perfection to all of these. What sparkles like a diamond?

Sleek diamond bracelet

Maybe a watch is your wrist’s best friend, but how about adding a new companion there? Show off the feminity and delicateness of your wrist by wearing diamonds woven together in a delicate bracelet.

Classy diamond choker

The hottest diamond trend that has been sported by Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Renaut to name a few, a diamond choker sets you apart from the crowd and makes eyeballs turn.

Stately diamond set

spread the grandeur and supremacy of diamonds by letting a diamond set rest on your body. The perfect synchronization and collaboration of the earrings, bracelet, necklace, ring and bangles sets the mood right.

Sophisticated diamond studs

For those of you who like to keep it minimum and understated, diamond studs sell like hot cakes. Get yourself the latest floral studs that help you bloom like a flower.

Ladies out there, this is your year to shine and wear the exclusiveness of a diamond. Let your jewellery speak for you and make a statement. Lay your hands on a diamond and see yourself transform into a style queen, because nothing sparkles like the shine and the polish of a diamond.