5 tips to protect your diamond jewellery

5 tips to protect your diamond jewellery

Diamonds are surely the prettiest element ever discovered by man. Their luster and shine are enough to make anybody fall for their beauty. Owning a diamond is like a dream come true, after all, nothing can beat the elegance, charm and glitter of a diamond.

Today, the market is flooded with diamonds of varying sizes, shapes, designs, colours and prices to choose from. The stunning diamond jewellery designs are the perfect accessory to transform a dull, boring dress into a splendid attire. But did you know that taking care of your diamond jewellery is the most important step to preserve its flawlessness and shimmer? Also, are we really aware about the right methods to be adopted to take care of our lovely diamond jewellery? 

Sustaining the beauty of a diamond is not as effortless as online diamond jewellery shopping. Being aware about the correct measures is important because if things go wrong, your precious gem may get damaged. To make sure that you’re on the right track, kindly follow these five simple steps to protect your diamond jewellery:

Avoid using hard chemicals at all costs

Chemicals surely work wonders on glass and mirror, but the same does not hold true when it comes to your delicate diamonds. It is recommended to regularly clean the diamonds by mixing a small quantity of dishwashing liquid with lukewarm water. Soak the diamonds for a few hours, hold them under the running water to remove the excess dirt and finally pat them dry using a soft cloth. 

Store the diamonds in separate boxes

Did you know that diamonds can readily be scratched and damaged by other diamonds? Known for their hardness and strong carbon bonding, their surfaces are hard and can scrape the body of other diamonds. To prevent this, simply store diamonds in separate boxes. And if possible, pamper them a bit more by wrapping them in a soft, linen cloth and then placing them in the box.

Keep yourself away from touching the diamond

Of course; the task is difficult, almost impossible. However, touching your diamond jewellery can take away their glitter and shine as the oil from your body comes in contact with the stone. Prevent caressing your valued gem time and again; instead safeguard that for your pet!

Remove your diamond jewellery while doing rough work

Diamonds are not indestructible and are easily prone to get damaged by your rough activities. Take off your diamond jewellery while gyming, watering the plants, doing the dishes, scrubbing the furniture, or any such demanding activity.

Make sure to visit a jeweller at least once in a year

A jeweller is the doctor of your diamond, and also someone who can repair the flaws and cracks in it. Make it a point to visit him regularly to be sure about the condition of your diamond and to preserve its ever-lasting sparkle and splendor. Never let its exquisiteness become extinct.

See, protecting the attractiveness of your diamond is not that complicated either. Just a few things to be kept in mind, and then see the glow and gorgeousness of your diamond last forever.