5 Things to Know Before Getting Customised Jewellery

5 Things to Know Before Getting Customised Jewellery

“The more you see the more you desire!”

If you too are a millennial you’ll definitely agree to the said words. After all, what’s wrong in desiring a little more. Right? And the same goes for jewellery too! The more we see the more we want. 

Modern jewellery trends have completely replaced traditional jewellery. Jewellery these days are more expressive and more creative, something that one cannot find in a jeweller’s store. Which is the reason why customised jewellery today has more enthusiasts than ever! Apart from being an expression of beauty and style, jewellery today has become a way of showing allegiance, attitude and what’s in trend.

The purpose of customised jewellery is to craft an idea you have into a piece of jewellery that you desire. Customised diamond jewellery is probably the best piece that you can gift to your near and dear ones as it bears your personal touch. 

If you too are a jewellery enthusiast, here are 5 things to know before getting customised jewellery for your loved ones.

Communicate with Your Jeweller

When you opt to get your jewellery customised, your favourite design has a great emotional valve and creative appeal attached to it. Your jewellery speaks of you. So, to get your dream jewellery design, it requires your total guidance. The best option is to mention your requirements with proper references in a picture or from a real jewellery. With Vicenta Jewels you can be assured to get what you desire.

Give Clarity

Opting for customised jewellery means that you want some specific features to be added to your desired jewellery design. They can be typical gemstones on a pendant or an inscription on the insides of a bracelet. Although these are the simpler ones, some jewellery designs may invite rethinking. So, it’s always better to give some clarity to the jeweller. An open discussion will definitely bring out the solution.

Keep Options

Your idea of jewellery may be the best one. But it’s always better to have a few more similar options with you. Having a second option can, in fact, lead you to explore a better design in line with your dream design.

Get a Sample Piece of Jewellery

A jewellery item that you are already comfortable with shall be of good reference to your jeweller for a new customised piece. These references can help your jeweller to better understand certain aspects like size, material preference and comfort factor. At Vicenta Jewels Mumbai, we take note of these important aspects to help you get an accurately designed piece of custom jewellery.

Have Patience and Trust

The process of making your customised jewellery can be time-consuming. The key is to have patience and to assign the work to a trusted jeweller. This simply makes the working smoother so as to get your work done on time.

These guiding points can help you to make the process easier and more accurate. There is nothing pricier than a customised jewellery that bears your signature style or has an attached meaning to it.