About Purab Vora

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul" -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Purab Vora is the founder of Vicenta Jewels, a unique company that designs customised diamond jewellery of unparalleled quality and makes certain that it offers 100% customer satisfaction.

The best part about Vicenta Jewels? Once a particular design has been made for a client, it is never repeated for any other client as the company deems it extremely important to offer exclusivity when it comes to jewellery designs along with top-notch quality.

Purab has worked with companies like Shrenuj Ltd, Shobha Asar, Gitanjali Group and handled brands like Gili, D’damas, Asmi, Nakshatra to name a few. Involvement with these companies helped him to learn the modus operandi of the trade world and increased his cognizance of how things work in the gems and jewellery industry.

What Is Life Without Dreams?

I  was born on September 18, 1982, in Mumbai, India which is often called  ‘The city of dreams’. Numerous people visit the city daily, with hopes  of making it big someday. No matter our talents, our ambitions, our  educational qualifications, backgrounds or abilities, we all, at some  point of our lives dream of creating something different or making a  change in the world. While it is true that in the midst of intricacies  we somewhere forget to nurture these dreams and get engrossed in worldly  affairs, it is also true that we are never content until we make  efforts of turning our ambitions into a reality.

I was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug when I was a  little boy. While many people are tentative in dabbling into this field  due to the high number of risks associated with it, I believe that to  get something we’ve never had, we must do something we’ve never done  before. And what exactly does entrepreneurship give you? It not only  broadens your horizon but introduces you to a new way of living your  life. That’s the reason why I was always desirous of being an  entrepreneur.

As a child, I grew up seeing my dad working round  the clock, running two factories and doing his utmost in taking his  endeavours towards the pinnacle of success. And this truly filled me  with an unwavering spirit and inspiration to make a dent in the  entrepreneurial world.

Foray Into The Gems And Jewellery Sector

I  was certain about my decision of starting my own business someday, but  for that I first needed to garner some experience that could be prove to  be beneficial for me and my company in the long run. Hence, I took up a  few jobs in the jewellery industry for around 8-9yrs which not only  resulted in invaluable experience but also provided me with the money  that helped me in starting my business. I also joined the Capital  Markets for 3 years to gain exposure of the high-end market.

When you are joining a company to learn methods  and tricks and not just to make ends meet, you must emphasize on every  minute detail that can tomorrow help you yield lucrative results. Not  everyone in a 9-5 job wishes to get involved in startups, but those who  do, know the importance of exploring little things that can tomorrow  create a big picture.


Diamonds are considered a girl’s best friend but as I grew up, I started realizing my interest in these enigmatic precious stones and the way the gigantic industry of diamond jewellery work. Diamonds symbolize more than just romance. For many centuries, they have been a symbol of eternal love, purity and exclusivity. It also symbolizes strength and power. History even considers diamonds to be magical. The Greeks believed them to ere tears of the gods while the Romans believed they were splinters of fallen stars. This crystal of light is thus a symbol of perfection and illumination.

Since I’ve always loved experimenting, I once tried to make a diamond neck piece for my sister and bingo! It turned out to be not just spectacular but a big hit! This incident hit my entrepreneurial brain as the received appreciation was way better than what I had anticipated and was an indication to kick start a trend of selling my designer diamond jewellery.


By becoming an entrepreneur, you turn into a risk-taker which means you take up multiple roles and also make sure that you do justice to each and every task. I have personally done a job of an office boy, telephone operator, sitting on the bench and making the jewellery and also represented the company as the Founder. I have also interacted with HNIs to get a precise idea about their expectations that can help me in creating something that gives them 100% satisfaction in every possible way.

However, I also faced my own share of problems as switching from a secured job routine to being an entrepreneur was quite challenging. I had to face a lot of objections from my family who were filled with dread with my decision due to the insecurities that a startup brings with itself. Also, my parents were of the opinion that diamond jewellery business is a rich man’s cup of tea and being from a middle-class family, it took me some time to convince them. But thanks to my beloved wife who has always been so supportive and proved to be my biggest strength whenever I find myself on the horns of a dilemma. My parents are still tentative about my decision of being an entrepreneur but are also proud of it at the same time.

Apart from this, the biggest hurdle I faced initially was lack of trust as Vicenta Jewels is not a renowned brand but with my Guru’s grace, every client who has placed an order has developed trust and is assured of the quality of the jewellery design that we deliver.

Vicenta Jewels has marked the beginning of a new life for me and therefore I want to make sure that I do whatever it takes to nurture it and take it to new heights. It is currently in the early stage and slowly and steadily progressing towards its goal of having a worldwide presence.


I’m motivated by the desire to achieve and not by the desire to beat others. I have never looked at my competitors as threats. A radiant smile on the faces of my satisfied customers is what I want. Whenever I think about my motive, I feel alive.

I’m certain the world of startups is teetering on the edge of a much, much better tomorrow and will prove to be a wonderful place for those who are trying to launch their dreams.